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Music Licensing & Mastering Information

If you have interest in licensing any of Chubby Checker's songs for your commercial use, movies, soundtrack and television here are the songs:


Chubby Checker Classics:

  • Limbo Rock/Do The Limbo Rock 2002 version
  • Do The Limbo Rock
  • Dancing Party
  • The Twist
  • Let's Twist Again
  • Slow Twistin
  • Twisted Up
  • Pony Time
  • Popeye The Hitchhiker
  • Limbo Rock 1960's version
  • Let's Limbo Some More
  • Mary Ann Limbo
  • Loddy Lo
  • Birdland
  • The Hucklebuck (the nasty dance)
  • Dance The Mess Around
  • Twenty Miles
  • The Fly
  • The Original Master Of The Dance Hall Beat 2002

Chubby C & OD Featuring Inner Circle/ Limbo Rock Re-Mixes Plus Original Master:

  • The Original Master Of The Dance Hall Beat
  • Original Master Dub
  • Limbo Rock (New York Mix)
  • Limbo Rock (Instrumental - NY)
  • Original Master (Euro Dance Mix)
  • Original Master (Euro Radio Edit)
  • Limbo Rock/Do The Limbo Rock (Miami Mix)
  • Limbo Rock/Do The Limbo Rock (Radio Edit-Miami Mix)
  • Limbo Rock (Reggae Pop Mix)
  • Limbo Rock (Reggae Dance Mix)

Knock Down The Walls New Release 2007 Album:

  • Pop Mix
  • Top 40/Dance Mix
  • Urban Mix
  • Rock Mix
  • Radio Disney Mix
  • Urban AC
  • Dance Instrumental
  • TV Instrumental Pop Mix

Chubby Checker The Texas Twist Country Album:

  • The Twist (country style)
  • Honky Tonk Girls
  • Rowdy Country Boys
  • You're Just What I Needed
  • Slide Up Closer
  • From Here Til Eternity
  • The Texas Twist
  • The Other Side Of Nashville
  • That's What It Takes
  • Run To Me
  • Take Me Back To Oklahoma
  • Slow Twistin with Dee Dee Sharp (recorded country style with Texas Radio and James Hardie McGehee)

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