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Bringing the Excitement to Your Stage!

Groove Down Memory Lane

Step into the world of a living legend! From twistin' sensations to groundbreaking hits, this is where fans gather to celebrate Chubby Checker's incredible career! Think you're the ultimate Chubby aficionado? Dive into Chubby's bio and see if you've got all the twistin' trivia down pat!

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Rediscover the Magic

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane! Watch electrifying videos of Chubby Checker's iconic performances, or snag an autographed picture for that extra-special touch of nostalgia! And if you're craving a tangible piece of nostalgia, grab hold of an autographed picture. It's more than just a photo; it's a piece of music history, a souvenir of those unforgettable moments. Feel the rush of those twistin' beats every time you glance at it!

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The Twist is Billboard's
First #1 Hit

Chubby Checker's spirit of entertainment knows no bounds; he's always on tour, bringing joy and foot-tapping beats wherever he goes! For exclusive bookings and unforgettable moments, our official exclusive booking agency is here to make the magic happen. Explore our store, and let's keep the twist alive and rocking.