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Chubby Checker is a legendary entertainment industry icon best known for popularizing The Twist, the first number one song of all time… and the only song to hit the number one position twice in two different years.  It was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.

The Twist is the first song in history to be number one for over 50 years according to Billboard Magazine.  In 1959 Chubby premiered “The Twist” on American Bandstand and in two minutes and forty two seconds “dancing apart to the beat” became the style of dance on the dance floor world-wide.

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Twist Your Event to Perfection

Chubby also invented and popularized many other dances, including The Fly, The Pony, The Shake and The Hucklebuck. All of them exist in some form today on the dance floor, but it’s the legacy of The Twist that endures and secures Chubby’s place in history. 

He is the only artist to enjoy five albums in the top twelve simultaneously and his nine double sided hits are unmatched. Chubby additionally  has the honor of receiving the first ever  Rock and Roll Grammy award for Let’s Twist Again

Chubby, a Casino Entertainer of the Year, continues to tour around the world close to 300 days a year making people happy and making them smile. Seeing him in concert you would think that doing the  Twist is the magic potion for the fountain of youth. 

He is an energetic, articulate entertainer.  His concerts are filled with people of all generations.  He is current…he is amazing and he explodes on stage getting everyone involved. His rock band, The Wildcats is second to none.


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